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Benefits of our Interview Preparation

Congratulations on getting an interview! You’re nearing the end of the medical school admissions process and your preparation at this stage is vital. While many schools use similar interview formats, every school has its own variation that best determines which candidates fulfill the profile they’re seeking. You must be able to express yourself appropriately and to seamlessly incorporate your experiences into your answers. With so many variables involved, your interpersonal and communication skills are critical to your interview performance. 

With our interview preparation support, you gain confidence and learn to express yourself effectively while keeping a level head in any interview format. Whether you’re heading into a Panel Interview, a Multiple MIni-Interview, a Traditional Interview or a Kira Talent interview, our communication experts are prepared with mock scenarios and will provide customized feedback. Our various modules reinforce your understanding of the CanMEDS roles, principles in medical ethics, as well your situational judgement. Our experts continuously assess and reassess areas of strength and weakness in your answers, and adjust their training accordingly. 

Understand Interview Questions​
Consider all Sides of a Scenario​
Convey Your Stand Out Factor​
Identify Red Flag Questions​​
Speak with Confidence, Ease & Finesse​

How We Help

Unique Modules

We have developed unique modules that include ethical scenarios and that address every possible medical school interview format. They also extensively cover the CanMEDS roles that have become integrated into medical education and the medical profession as a whole.

Mock Interviews

Our communication experts and public speakers conduct mock interviews to simulate those conducted by medical schools. They help you address questions with confidence and effectively incorporate your personal experiences into your answers

Customized Feedback

Our experts will provide you with live and immediate feedback on your performance. From word choice and body language to verbal tics and speech rate, our experts will provide you with comprehensive and personalized feedback.

Interview Formats

Panel/Modified Personal Interview

Some schools use a panel interview format where applicants are assessed by a group. Others use a modified personal interview. In this format, applicants are assessed by several interviewers separately.

Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI)

MMIs consist of several stations where you’re given a prompt. These prompts are based on ethics, teamwork, communication, problem-solving and conflict resolution. After a few minutes, interviewers can pose follow-up questions.

Traditional Interviews

In this format, applicants are typically interviewed by a single person. Depending on the program, interviewers could be faculty members, students, community members, or program directors. They can either ask a series of pre-planned questions or tailor the line of questioning to your experiences.

Interview Preparation Packages

Expert help is at your fingertips. All I Got In packages have multiple tiers to meet your needs. Ensure you have the help you need to navigate the competitive and complicated world of admissions.


  • + 1 Mock Interview
    MMI, MPI, panel interview
  • + Mock Interview Feedback
    Receive live expert feedback on your performance.
  • 1 Hour Interview Coaching


  • + 3 Mock Interviews
    MMI, MPI, panel interview
  • + Mock Interview Feedback
    Receive live expert feedback on your performance.
  • 1.5 Hours Interview Coaching


  • + Custom number of mock interviews and support
    MMI, MPI, panel interview
  • + Mock Interview Feedback
    Receive live expert feedback on your performance.
  • 5 Hours Interview Coaching

Notes: If you require support with an addendum, letter of continued interest, or other application components, our services can be purchased as addons.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent question and answers

Our strategists are highly trained experts in communications and public speaking. They have extensive experience in professional school interviews.

The length depends on the amount of feedback you need. We help you understand areas of improvement. We also help you craft responses that showcase your skills, as well as your ability to think on your feet and under pressure.

Yes! Our interview experts will give you immediate feedback on your performance. This will help you process their feedback while things are fresh on your mind and it will help you better incorporate it into your future performance.

Have more questions? We’re here to help!

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