5 Extracurriculars to Build Confidence

Extracurricular activities can range from playing basketball to playing the piano, gardening, or doing pottery. Not only are these activities fun, they’re also associated with lower depression and anxiety, improved academic performance, and increased self-confidence. This blog post will focus on the last point: how to increase your confidence through extracurriculars. According to psychologists Albert

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CaRMS Personal Statement Do’s and Don’ts

If you’re applying to Canadian residency programs this year, it’s time to start working on your CaRMS personal statements! Personal statements are an important part of your residency application. They’re an opportunity to elaborate on parts of your background and experiences that make you an excellent candidate. They’re also a chance to provide context to

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Top 5 Casper Tips

Taking the Casper Test soon and looking for some tips to help you ace it? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve got five Casper Test prep tips to prepare you for your test date.  Before diving into our tips, we’ll go over what the Casper Test is, what it assesses, and why university programs,

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CaRMS Myth Buster

CaRMS Online opened to applicants earlier this month, which means you need to make sure you know all about the Canadian residency application process! Our goal today is to bust some common CaRMS match myths so that you can confidently tackle every step of the match process.  Before getting into the myths, let’s briefly go

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2022 Canadian Medical School Admission Statistics

OMSAS – the Ontario Medical School Application Service – opens in the first week of July, which means it’s medical school application season!  In order to gain admission into medical school, you need a sure-fire strategy that considers how you compare to each school’s ideal candidate profile. To help you start developing your strategy, we’ve

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All About the CaRMS IMG Residency Application Process

The Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS) opens to applicants in less than six months, which means one thing: it’s time to start preparing!  The CaRMS application process is a long one and there’s a lot you need to do in order to get your documentation ready in time. For International Medical Graduates (IMG), the process

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AP Courses FAQ

With each passing year, it gets more and more difficult to gain admission into top professional schools. In order to build an outstanding student profile and develop the necessary skill set to excel at your chosen career, it’s best to start planning early on. One way to develop these skills and ensure that you stand

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Benefits of Pursuing an MBA

If you’re interested in a business career, you might be considering an MBA. But what is an MBA and what is involved in obtaining one? Are there any personal or career benefits to pursuing this course of study? Who hires MBA graduates anyway?  To help you better understand the benefits of an MBA, we’re going

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