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With high competition and decreasing acceptance rates, getting into law school has become increasingly difficult. This has led to an increase in grade and test score cutoffs, creating an even higher standard for gaining enterance. Honing every element of your application and standing out is crucial for success.

How We Help

At I Got In, we have a broad network of consultants who specialize in Law School applications. We’re here to make the application process easier by giving you expert strategies and reliable feedback. With our guidance, you will learn to tell your story in an authentic and compelling way.

Application Review
School Selection
Referee Selection
CV / Resume Review
Interview Preparation

Why Choose Us?

Customized Approach

We complete an in depth assessment to find the best way of highlighting your strengths and mitigating your weaknesses.

Qualified Experts

You will be assigned a team of qualified experts who will know the ins and outs of the application process.

Data Driven Decisions

We use reliable data to give you informed and critical feedback throughout your journey.

A Winning Strategy

We help you develop a game plan based on your scores, preferences and experience.

Choose Your Service

Our Process

Discovery Session

We discover your goals and review your academic history and lived experiences in order to best position you for success in your application.

Expert Collaboration

Our experts get together to review your file and collaborate so that you get the benefit of many minds.


Strategic Preparation

We use our experience with pre-application counselling, written application consulting and editing, as well as interview preparation to provide you with a notable advantage. We leverage our expertise and provide you with tailored advice that is relevant to your unique application.

Why Our Students Love Us

The interview preparation that I Got In provides is incredible. It is in depth, informative and enlightening. Plus, their team is flexible and accommodated my scheduling needs. I would recommend I Got In to anyone that needs help with preparing for the medical school interview process.

The assistance I received from I Got In for my interview was second to none. The advisors are friendly, extremely knowledgeable and approachable. The preparation and practice interview questions they offer allow you to learn how to prepare your answers in the fullest for when you are in your real interviews.

The entire team at I Got In is extremely professional and personable. From start to end, they were well-informed about the medical school process and they gave me advice that was relevant and specific to my needs. I really appreciate how closely they worked with me and how genuine they were in wanting me to succeed.

I’m really glad I asked I Got In to help me out with my medical school applications. They are very well versed in the whole process and made it a lot easier to understand what was needed for a strong application. I genuinely think that their help gave me that push across the finish line!

I was a mature student applying to a competitive MBA program. I Got In provided expert advice and valuable insights specific to the program of interest, and helped me focus my application on relevant skills and experiences. I would not have been accepted without the
team’s support!

I had tried to apply to multiple medical programs but was unsuccessful. A friend of mine recommended I Got In to help me with the application process. They were very knowledgeable and professional. Plus I really feel like they cared about my success. With their support, I got into the program of my choice.

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