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I Got In showcases the most collaborative approach to academic success. Our diverse team will help you gain entry into the competitive program of your choice. Our 20+ years of experience, data-driven counselling, and dedication to your success will help you stand out from the crowd.


Physicians ensure your application highlights the characteristics most important to medicine, dentistry and residency.


Lawyers help you create an application that demonstrates your potential to succeed in the legal field.

Admissions Advisors

Former admissions committee advisors give you insider knowledge into today’s complex admissions process.

Professional Writers

Professional writers support you in crafting a compelling and authentic story to impress the admissions committee.

Business Professionals

Business professionals help you emphasize your unique qualities to ensure you succeed in the business school admissions process.

Communications Experts

Communication experts help you understand questions and prepare you to answer strategically.

Educators & Counsellors

Educators & career counsellors help you select your top programs of choice and create a comprehensive plan.

Academic Consultants

Academic consultants strategize and support you throughout the entire application process.

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